Key Features

  • Scalable and flexible – The TestPro 100 comes with optional detachable adapters that enable a wide variety of test functions to cater to the needs of today’s network infrastructures, as well as to easily scale to cater for future requirements.
  • Auto-test feature – The auto-test feature of the TestPro 100 is the easiest and most reliable way to ensure that cabling links will support the desired network rate.
  • PoE testing – The AD_NETPOE adapter on the TestPro 100 provides the most comprehensive testing for verifying PoE deployments. It supports all PoE standards including the 90W 802.3 bt standard. In addition, it also allows for sustained loading of the PoE source over longer periods, through external loads.
  • Copper Cable Certification Testing – The higher end TestPro CV100 is the most sophisticated RF measurement engine in any handheld tester. Able to support up to 3GHz frequency range, and testing all mode combination parameters (including TCL), it exceeds the level 2G accuracy specifications for copper certification testing.

TestPro Multifunction Cable Tester is a versatile solution purpose-build, rugged field tester designed to quickly and easily ensure the digital infrastructure is fully qualified to support the deployment of IoT connected devices be it monitors, computer workstations, wireless APs, multi-sensor cameras, building entry, and a plethora of other devices.

TestPro supports testing of three key areas of technology organizations should consider when investing in test and measurement solutions. TestPro supports CAT6A certification in half the time and half the cost of competitive products, Multi-Gigabit link qualification up to 10 GigE and loaded PoE validation testing up to 90W.

  • Certify CAT5e-CAT 8 Level IIG
  • Confirm proper functioning of the Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and verifies loaded PoE to ensure the voltage needed for a given Powered Device (PD) is available at the jack where it will connect to the network with support for 802.3 at/af/bt standards.
  • Qualify available Multi-Gig link speed with easy pass/fail results and SNR measurements at 1/2.5/5/10Gig rates.
  • Shortens time to detect wiring mistakes by showing Live Wiremap on both the main and remote units as soon as an end-to-end connection is detected.

Supported Standards

ANSI/TIA-1152-A (Levels IIIeand 2G), IEC 61935-1 ED. 4 (Levels IIIeand V) and IEC 61935-1 Ed. 5 Draft 46/59/CD (Levels VI Class I and Class II).

Region-specific standards (Australia-New Zealand, Cenelec, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, & user programmable)

TestPro's certifier Autotest is a one-button operation that performs all tests required for TIA/ISO standards compliance, in addition to other parameters such as TCL (Transverse Conversion Loss). TestPro also provides comprehensive DC measurements including both pair-to-pair and wire-to-wire resistance unbalance tests. The Autotest also reports distance-to-fault plots based on NEXT and Return Loss time-domain measurements. And all of the tests are performed in 6 seconds for CAT6A channel or permanent link.

Autotest results are saved to memory and can be transferred to the included TestDataPro results management software for collaboration, documentation and reporting.

Studies have shown that a large percentage of all cabling faults are related to miswiring. Both main and remote units of TestPro graphically report the end-to-end wiremap instantaneously when a connection is detected. After getting instant view of the wiring fault, the technician can find the location of the fault simply by clicking the wiremap picture. And after resolving the issue, TestPro's Live Wiremap reporting helps to verify the fix instantly. In addition to 6-seconds CAT6A Autotest, this is another important productivity improvement feature of TestPro.

When a cable is used for PoE, it is important to ensure that DC resistance of all wires is closely matched. Differences of resistance between pairs, or between wires within a pair can cause degradation in RF performance, or excessive heating. TestPro's 6-second autotest includes full characterization of DC resistance parameters, including all combinations of loop resistance, pair-to-pair resistance unbalance, and wire-to-wire resistance unbalance.

While the RF field test parameters mandated by TIA and ISO adequately confirm the cable's standalone performance, more testing is needed to confirm the immunity of the cable in presence of external electromagnetic interference (EMI). EMI is caused by alien crosstalk from adjacent cables, noise from wireless communications systems, or even vehicles driving nearby. TCL (transverse conversion loss) which is a measure of how well the wires constituting a cabling pair are matched and is an important parameter to confirm the EMI immunity of the cable. TestPro measures and reportes TCL from both ends in every Autotest without requiring additional measurement time. That means, a 6-second CAT6A Autotest includes TCL measurement. By default, TCL is reported as an information-only measurement and not included in pass/fail result.

The use of Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) is growing fast for connecting IoT sensors and other devices. TestPro is the first and the only cable certifier enabling testing of Single-pair Ethernet systems. TestPro also allows specifying limits for SPE based on current IEEE specifications.

Industrial networks and some cross campus links use longer cable lengths than the 100m specifications from TIA or ISO. IEEE has started a new project to specify parameters for long cables including long single-pair cables. TestPro is the only cable certifier that has the capability to test cables as long as 1,000 m (1 km). For long cables, the RF performance at lower frequencies is very important. TestPro measures RF parameters down to 100 kHz or 0.1 MHz (as against 1 MHz for other cable certifiers).

TestDataPro is a PC based test reports management software that comes standard with all models of TestPro Multifunction Cable Tester. TestDataPro works in tandem with TestPro, which allows you to define projects and categorize test results into logical groupings once uploaded into the database. The database provides you with the ability to collaborate by viewing in-depth test details on-line as well as provide .pdf based printed reports. If you want to combine multiple Autotests into a single report, such as Cat6A, Multi-Gig and PoE.

  • CAT6A Channel Test Printed report

  • CAT 6A Permanent Link Test Printed report

  • Multi-gig and PoE Test Printed report

An ideal network cable pair has 100 ohm impedance along the entire length. In reality, the impedance varies from 100 ohm in different amounts along the cabling link, the deviation being more significant at the positions of connectors. RL locator plot provides a view of the cable along its length. The locations of peaks in the RL Locator are representative of spots with poor impedance control. When a cable fails autotest, the RL locator helps determine the location along the cabling link that is most likely to have caused failure. This is a great aid for trouble-shooting. With accurate location information of the problem spot, a technician can focus on fixing the issue on that part of the cable.

NEXT, or Near End Cross-talk, is a measure of cross coupling of signals between two pairs of a multi-pair (typically 4-pair) network cable, measured on the victim pair (a pair receiving unwanted coupled signal) at the same side of the cabling as the transmitter on the aggressor pair (signal carrying pair). NEXT is measured across a range of frequencies.

In the traditional enterprise network installation, the primary objective was to provide cabling channel from the computers in the work-area to the telecom room. This is almost always achieved with: •permanent link consisting of wall-mount jacks at both ends of the cabling •Patch-cords to connect networking end-points to wall-mount jacks at both ends, wherein the entire cabling including the patch-cords (but not the plugs at the end-point connections) is referred to as channel.Increasingly, the networking end-points are devices other than computers, and connecting them calls for adaptation in cabling topology. Devices such as IP security cameras have built-in jack for network connection. In order to cater to installation of these devices, a new topology is now accepted by the standardization bodies. This new topology, Modular Plug Terminated Link ("MPTL") is a variation of permanent link where one of the ends is terminated into a plug. In order to test MTPL links using TestPro, attach a CAT6A permanent link adapter to the main TestPro unit and a Cat6/CAT6A patch-cord adapter to the remote TestPro unit (you can also interchange these adapters between the main and remote units). Now perform a standard permanent link test or using a vendor-suggested customised limit. Note: Optional adapters neededAD-6A-PCORD and AD-6-PCORD adapter pairs.

TestPro provides the most comprehensive test functionality for verifying PoE deployments. All PoE standards to include 802.3at/af/bt are supported up to 90W. The PoE source is tested with actual load connection. TestPro offers the unique ability to test internal and external load test over a sustained time period to validate the maximum power a PoE device can support. TestPro will also check that the cable installation meets the required power to turn on a PoE devices. If users want to test end to end connection wit a midspan, enable AC Wiremap function.

In addition to operational tests on PoE, the tester enables characterization of cabling links for resistance unbalance parameters in accordance with the latest TIA 1152A standard for certification testing.

When performing a PoE test, a remote tester is not needed as you are testing directly into the switch. In this case, you mayconvert your Remote tester into a Main under Setting/Device Type and deploy each tester individually to perform these tests.

  • PSE detection
  • Voltage: Voltage drawn by the PD
  • PSE Type: 1-2, 2, 3-4, and 4 –different types have different allocated power
  • PD Class: 0-8 –different classes have different allocated power
  • PoE Cable airs: Cable pairs used to transmit electrical power
  • Allocated Power: Power allocated for the PD
  • Real Power: Power when internal load is used

  • Internal and External Load Tests:
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Real Power: The power consumed when TestPro uses internal component to test the actual power coming out of the PoE device.

TestPro validates a cabling link for high performance Ethernet standards including 1 / 2.5 / 5 / 10GBASE-T. End-to-end Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) measurement provides a quick and objective assessment of link performance under network load condition. The Autotest feature of the TestPro is the easiest way to ensure that a cabling link will the desired network rate.

Wireless access points (APs) are one of today's most broadly deployed IoT devices and 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless APs require 2.5 and 5 GigE backbone speeds to run at maximum performance. Additionally, these devices can be PoE powered and by the nature of the link speed, require all four pair to be terminated. TestPro can certify the cabling infrastructure in accordance with TIAstandards, verify link speed in accordance with IEEE specific to 1 / 2.5 / 5 / 10GigE, and verify loaded PoE++ in accordance with IEEE 802.3bt to 90W including DC resistance measurements.

AEM is a member of the NBASE-T Alliance, to learn more visit

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Cable Manufacturer Certification Approvals

TestPro CV100 Specifications

  • Battery

    • Lithium Ion
    • 3.7v
    • 13,200 mah
    • Approximate Test time : 8hrs (based on an apporximate 200 tesed per day)
    • charging time : 7hrs
  • Operating system

    • Linux
  • Test data management

    • testdatapro PC software
  • RJ45 test ports

    • 10/100/1G test port
    • network connectivity port
  • Data transference

    • USB flash type A
    • Micro USB
    • USB cable
  • Adapter inerface

    • 60-pin high-frequency connecto
    • rated for 5000 insertion cycles
    • hot swappable
  • Power Adapter

    • 5V, 3A (supplied)
    • 5-12V (supported)
    • 2.1mm DC Jack

Kit Configurations

TestPro CV100-K60

Smart Building Test Kit

    Combination kit with cable certification, PoE load testing and Multi-gig link speed qualification testing.

      Kit Contains:
    • Two TestPro CV100 mainframes
    • A pair of TP-AD-6APL adapters
    • A pair of TP-AD-NETCABLE adapters
    • TP-OP-CAT6A license
    • Carry case and accessories

TestPro CV100-K50

CAT6A Certification Test Kit

    A level 2G cable certifier test kit for cable certification, with Cat 6A channel and link adapters.

      Kit Contains:
    • A pair of TestPro CV100 mainframes
    • A pair of TP-AD-6ACH adapters
    • A pair of TP-AD-6APL adapters
    • TP-OP-CAT6A license
    • Carry case and accessories

TestPro CV100-K30

Validator Test Kit

    A validator test kit for 10G link validation using SNR testing, wiremap, distance-to-fault, resistance unbalance measurements and PoE tests.

      Kit Contains:
    • A pair of TestPro CV100 mainframes
    • A pair of TP-AD-NETCABLE adapters

TestPro CV100-K05

Basic Test Kit

    Basic 1G test kit for BER test, traffic test, wiremap, cable diagnostics (using side-port on the mainframe).

      Kit Contains:
    • Two TestPro CV100 mainframes
    • Carry case and accessories

Adapters and Licenses


    CAT6A permanent certification testing option. Enables cable certification testing up to and including CAT6A on a TestPro CV100 mainframe


    CAT6A permanent link Adapter. CAT5e/6/6A permanent link certification whwn attached to TestPro CV100 with TP-OP-CAT6A option enabled


    CAT6A channel Adapter. CAT5e/6/6A channel certification whwn attached to TestPro CV100 with TP-OP-CAT6A option enabled


    Adapter with two RJ45 ports for network, PoE, and cable testing DC resistance unbalanced measurement