Ethernet patch-cord, cable and connector test

Most manufacturing units of high end Ethernet patch-cords specify 100% testing of the cords. Manufacturing productivity heavily depends on the performance and accuracy of testing. For raw cable manufacturing, the time ease of attaching the cables to the test system, and the ability to perform testing of entire drum are important considerations. Automation of test system is highly desirable in testing connectors.

AEM’s TestPro is optimized for patch-cord testing. Some of the key productivity improving features include 6-second CAT6A autotest, automatically starting a test on connection (relieving the task and associated delay with pressing a button to initiate test), and Live Wiremap for instantaneous display and trouble-shooting of wiring mistakes.

When it comes to testing cable drums, TestPro is the only test instrument that performs full dualended RF test on 300m or longer cables, helping identify issues that otherwise would remain unnoticed until after installation.

For connector testing, AEM’s MMVNA offers a flexible solution. With AEM’s expertise in automation, you can setup a fully automated non-destructive connector test system, enhancing the value of the connectors with assured performance.

TestPro is also unique in the ability to map NEXT or RL faults by distance for up to 400 meters. This allows you to see if the fault is due to a connection, or due to the intrinsic performance of the cable.



Relevant Applications

  • Production test of Patch cords

  • Production test of Connector

  • Production test of Cable