Fiber Optic Testing

TestPro’s fiber optic measurements provide Tier-1 certification in compliance with IEEE 802.3 series, TIA-568.3-D, IEC-14763-3, as well as customizable limits for both Multimode and Singlemode Fiber Optic premise cabling.

MM and SM Full Test Suite

Encircled Flux Compliant Legacy fiber testers require bulky, fragile, specialized launch cables for multimode tests. This is because they need a fiber mandrel built-in to the cable. And even at that additional expense, can claim only 95% confidence in their own results. 1 in 20 results may be inaccurate! The CV100 has an advanced encircled flux compliant transmitter, which does away with the need for expensive, specialized launch cables, and gives you confidence 100% of your fiber loss measurements will be accurate.

Supports All Types of Fiber  OM1-5, Single mode, Multimode, even hybrid fiber/copper cabling is fully supported by TestPro.

Dual-Ended Testing In just 4 seconds, TestPro can run a complete dual-ended Tier 1 fiber certification test, measuring loss on two fibers, length, and propagation delay. 

VFL TestPro includes and integrated Visual Fault Locator, so you can find breaks in a fiber, stressed bends, and identify the active fiber from a group of fibers.

Interchangeable connectors TestPro supports FC, LC, ST, and SC fiber connections.

Hybrid Copper/Fiber Testing Unique to TestPro is the ability to measure the voltage on integrated copper wires used to power remote smart devices like cameras or small cells.

Visual End-Face Inspection TestPro allows for the connection of an end-face inspection probe to give you a clear view of the fiber end face.

Live Wiremap Only the TestPro automatically detects the connection of its own remote and displays both fiber and copper wiremap without any operator actions.

Compliant Networks Indication Another unique capability of the TestPro is it provides a full list of fiber networks that can be supported by the fibers just tested.