TestPro provides the most comprehensive test functionality for verifying PoE deployments. All PoE standards to include 802.3at/af/bt are supported up to 90W. The PoE source is tested with actual load connection. TestPro offers the unique ability to test internal and external load test over a sustained time period to validate the maximum power a PoE device can support. TestPro will also check that thecable installation meets the required power to turn on a PoE devices. If users want to test end to end connection wit a midspan, enable AC Wiremap function.

In addition to operational tests on PoE, the tester enables characterization of cabling links for resistance unbalance parameters in accordance with the latest TIA 1152A standard for certification testing.

When performing a PoE test, a remote tester is not needed as you are testing directly into the switch. In this case, you mayconvert your Remote tester into a Main under Setting/Device Type and deploy each tester individually to perform these tests.

•PSE detection

•Voltage: Voltage drawn by the PD

•PSE Type: 1-2, 2, 3-4, and 4 –different types have different allocated power

•PD Class: 0-8 –different classes have different allocated power

•PoE Cable airs: Cable pairs used to transmit electrical power

•Allocated Power: Power allocated for the PD

•Real Power: Power when internal load is used

•Internal and External Load Tests:



•Real Power: The power consumed when TestPro uses internal component to test the actual power coming out of the PoE device.