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Qualification+ Testing

A New Class of Qualification+ Testing. Bridging the divide between Qualification and Certification in a single multifunction link tester.

IT departments often find a need to ensure the cabling infrastructure meets a certain test standard through Qualification+ Testing. This is needed to ensure support for a given application, or simply to support moves/adds/changes. Historically, Qualification+ Testing requires the purchase of two or even three different types of testers, that span wired, wireless, and certification capabilities, which becomes cost prohibitive.

Introducing the Network Service Assistant (NSA), with Certi-Lite, a multifunction connectivity test solution that represents a new category in field test with Qualification+ Testing function. The NSA follows the same ANSI/TIA 1152-A test standard as our TestPro Multifunction Cable Certifier, but makes the measurements from a single end, using a small passive remote terminator.

The NSA is offered at a fraction of the cost for what you would typically need to spend in multiple testers to get this much test function. And, because the NSA is modular, adding more test function as needs change, and AEM continues to add capabilities, is as easy as hot swapping a test adapter.

Key Capabilities:

Qualification+ Testing



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