Cost of standards based certification testers and the time consumed in testing have direct impact on the profitability of the enterprise network cabling contractors. The network managers need to ensure that their cabling infrastructure, both newly installed as well as existing, is ready for network upgrades to multi-gig rates and PoE powering of increasing number of devices. And when problems do happen, they need right tools to pinpoint the exact cause of the problems and solve them. For data centers, error-free operation at 10G and higher speeds is essential, leading to the use of highend CAT6A and CAT8 cabling.

AEM developed TestPro to help the enterprises across the network life cycle from installation to deployment of network systems and to operational maintenance and trouble-shooting. With integrated certification testing, PoE testing, and multi-gig link validation, TestPro covers all testing need, saving considerable cost and improving efficiency. Saving cost for our customers is the prime motivation for developing TestPro, as can be seen from industry’s fastest 6-second CAT6A autotest time, all inclusive testing of DC and RF parameters, and features like live wiremap to improve technicians’ productivity

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