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Ep. 57 | Unlocking Versatility: Exploring Multifunction Network Connectivity & Cabling Certification Solutions


Discover the true essence of “Multifunction” within the realm of cable testers with Tech Talk with Steve Global. Join Steve Cowles, RCDD, NTS, and special guest Harshang Pandya, GM for AEM – Precision Cable Test as they discuss the advantages of our cutting-edge Multifunction Testers. Learn how these advanced testers not only optimize your time but also significantly save you money. Gain insights into how the TestPro Main and Remote, which are used together for certification, can be deployed independently to create a force multiplier for testing/troubleshooting PoE, MultiGig Ethernet, Network Connectivity, and more. Moreover, explore the versatility of multifunction test configurations and the convenience of hot-swappable test adapters, available for both our TestPro and Network Service Assistant.

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