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AEM’s Award Winning Network Service Assistant Expands Suite of Test Functions


The innovative Network Service Assistant expands on its distinctive Qualification+ hybrid cable and wired and wireless network connectivity testing platform 

  • Adds fiber optic testing
  • Adds Advanced Link Identification and Smart Building test kits

CHANDLER, Arizona, August 24, 2021 – AEM, a global leader in test and handling solutions, today announced the expansion of the suite of testing functions in award winning Network Service Assistant to include fiber optic loopback testing for both singlemode and multimode cable types.  Additionally, it has released Advanced Link Identification capabilities as part of their new Link Identifier Kit, which contains a set of 7 numbered remote ID’s that contain Certi-Lite capability, along with the Tempo Communications 200FP Filter Probe.   

Fiber optic loopback testing allows users to perform optical loss testing from a single end, using the included loopback adapter at the far end. This allows them to quickly characterize the performance of the link based on test results and type of fiber, as well as determine if an optical loss issue exists. Electrical voltage of hybrid powered fibers can also be measured.

The Link Identifier Kit is useful for identifying previously undocumented links between office location and switch port, with numbered ID’s that allow the technician to gain a quick and clear understanding of the connection path. Unlike cable identifiers from competitive brands, the Network Service Assistant ‘s office ID’s are smart with Certi-Lite. This provides the user with not only visibility into the right connection path, but quick assurance that the cabling link under test meets the single ended test standards, as defined in ANSI/TIA 1152A.  

Customers who had early access to these new capabilities appreciated the valuable additions.  “At Ohio Fully Integrated Technologies, we test all new lines with the Network Service Assistant before patching them”, said Dave Johnston, President of Ohio Fully Integrated.  Dave went on to say, “we appreciate the Certi-Lite testing capability, that tests the cable with standards-based testing, so we’re getting a lot more detail than just a basic wiremap.  Also, the remote ID’s come in very handy when we are dealing with undocumented links.  The AEM remote ID’s, also perform the Certi-Lite test, so we know which probe ID we connected to, and the full performance of the cable.  This testing helps to be sure that a few months down the road our customers don’t have to call us back and tell us something is not working properly.”

These new capabilities add to Network Service Assistant’s distinctive Qualification+ testing suite, that also includes the ability to understand network connectivity from both a wired and wireless perspective, including a full range of discovery and troubleshooting tools, as well as the ability to perform full PoE load testing in support of all 802.3 test standards.  The Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (SNR) based testing provides assurance that the link under test will support the desired application at 2.5, 5, and 10Gigabit Ethernet, while under both traffic and PoE load.  Certi-Lite and the Multi-Gigabit test results can be saved and uploaded to the included TestDataPro PC based results management software, or TestDataPro Cloud.

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