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Cable Harness Tester - AHT-128

The Cable Harness Tester AHT-128 offers 128 test points of connectivity and resistance test. Multiple testers can be cascaded to test up to 1024 points. It is a compact and cost-effective PC controlled tool. Cable Harness Tester Manager PC software controls the AHT-128 units to perform testing, allows configuration and setting of test limits, and provides test reports.

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Cable Harness Tester


The Cable Harness Tester is a PC-based cable continuity and resistance measurement analyzer.

The Cable Harness Tester not only tests resistance but also identifies open circuits, short circuits, crossed wires, mis–wires and pin–to–pin connectivity. It can also record all test results. The crucial data collected can be saved and uploaded to a PC for analysis. Users can clearly determine cable pin wiring easily and efficiently.

Expandable and programmable, this Future-Ready tester will provide pass/fail check and diagnostics for countless applications.

Micro USB Connector : Connect the Cable Harness tester USB connector to one end of the USB cable. The other end of the USB cable is connected to the computer’s USB 2.0 port.

Product Features

Thorough Testing

Test for continuity, opens, and miswires, measurement of resistance


Up to 1024 points in increments of 128-points


Print to PDF functionailty is available

Easy to Learn

No advanced skills or training necessary to begin testing


Test thousands of cables without fear of equipment failure

Error Location

Detects error location (which end) for opens and shorts

Test Program Customization

Customize test setup, labels and reports

Fast Testing

Innovative technology and efficient algorithms reduce time spent on testing


Small, lightweight, and self-contained for easy mobility around the production floor.

Find defective, miswired, and intermittent cables instantly

Easily determine the type of error and locate it immediately