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Cable Harness Tester - AHT-128

The Cable Harness Tester AHT-128 offers 128 test points of connectivity and resistance test. Multiple testers can be cascaded to test up to 1024 points. It is a compact and cost-effective PC controlled tool. Cable Harness Tester Manager PC software controls the AHT-128 units to perform testing, allows configuration and setting of test limits, and provides test reports.

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Auto Learn

The Auto learn generated harness mappings can be saved to PC and can be loaded to the Cable harness tester manager software for mapping checks and resistance measurement.

Auto learn can also use any pre-configured excel configuration files, to analyse the harness mapping.

The Auto learn operation performs an automatic mapping of the harness. It can detect the hardware connection of ports, measuring the resistance between them.  

  • Detect up to eight connections per wire
  • Measure the resistance in milliohm