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Cable Harness Tester - AHT-128

The Cable Harness Tester AHT-128 offers 128 test points of connectivity and resistance test. Multiple testers can be cascaded to test up to 1024 points. It is a compact and cost-effective PC controlled tool. Cable Harness Tester Manager PC software controls the AHT-128 units to perform testing, allows configuration and setting of test limits, and provides test reports.

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Cable Harness Manager Software

Labelling feature for measurement data

The Cable Harness Tester Manager Software controls the AHT-128 testers (one or multiple cascaded testers) to perform testing. It enables defining harness configuration either by editing the table in the software, from csv file, or through automatic learning from a reference harness. For each connection, higher and lower limits of acceptable resistance can be defined. During the testing, the software shows live measurements and results. It also provides test results management functionality for traceability.

The Cable Harness Tester Manager Software stands as a supporting hand on getting a pass/fail resistance measurement test based on customizable limits by showing up to 8 interconnected harness pins. The Cable harness tester measures the resistance automatically when the resistor value falls between the high and low limit thresholds. Given a pass/fail indicator, wire connections that exceed the maximum threshold resistance will be flagged as FAIL.

Professional test reports

The software helps to generate professional PDF test reports of the resistance measurement with a date and time stamp, version, part, and revision.