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Connector Test System

The Connector Test Solution is designed for laboratory and manufacturing use in network infrastructure and automotive connector manufacturers. Through use of custom PCBs, any type of connector can be fully characterized for RF and continuity parameters.

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The CTS uses the Mixed Mode Multi-Port Vector Network Analyzer (MMVNA), which is a RF and continuity analyzer. The MMVNA works in tandem with VNA Manager Pro  as the control software.  The CTS test fixture allows for 100% testing and inspection, as it does not damage or destroy the connector during test.

The MMNVA is a portable vector network analyzer that is purpose-built for characterizing twisted pair and coax cables and components. Balanced transmission is finding increasing adoption. MMVNA is a user friendly, versatile analyzer that is most often deployed in manufacturing and lab tests of IoT applications, specialty sensor connections and automotive wiring harness testing.

In a matter of seconds, the MMVNA can measure 256 different S-parameter combinations in a single measurement sweep. The VNA Manager software provides an easy way to configure required S-parameters and arrange them in convenient views and reports. MMVNA is IP addressable, so you can ensure uniform testing methodology across distributed locations with remote configuration capability.

Typical laboratory and Manufacturing use cases:

  • Network infrastructure connector manufacturers, who need to test RJ-45 connectors during design and provide 100% inventory inspection when needed, as connector is not damaged during test.
  • Automotive wire harness connector manufacturers, who need to test any type of connector during design and provide 100% inventory inspection when needed, as connector is not damaged during test.


Test Function Overview

  • Testing with a precise mechanical system
  • Certifying connection hardware transmission performance
  • No need to solder wires in RJ45 jack
  • Minimizing influence due to manual operation
  • Reducing test cost
  • Ensuring test consistency and repeatability
  • Supporting batch testing at product line
  • Built-in ISO11801, TIA568 limits
  • Propagation Delay & Delay Skew
  • Return Loss, Insertion Loss


Custom Test Fixtures

The CTS is designed to be highly adaptable to any type of connector, through the use of custom PCB fixtures.  AEM has common fixtures readily available.  Custom PCB boards are also available, contact us to discuss your needs at