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Connector Test System

The Connector Test Solution is designed for laboratory and manufacturing use in network infrastructure and automotive connector manufacturers. Through use of custom PCBs, any type of connector can be fully characterized for RF and continuity parameters.

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Compact and extensible–8-port form-factor extensible to higher port densities in multiples of 8. Primarily used in laboratory and manufacturing environments for automotive wiring harness and telecommunications cable testing.

4x Differential Measurement Ports–Each port features its own transmitter and receiver, enabling fast, concurrent measurements on all ports. For application such as harness testing, this means a considerable saving of table space and test time.

Scalable Measurement System–The VNA Manager software can control and collect data from multiple MMVNA units and make uniform presentation. This is particularly helpful in testing complex multi-wire harnesses with a single measurement command.

Remote management–The MMVNA is IP addressable enabling remote management and data acquisition for inline manufacturing testing.

Test configurations–DUT end points are not required to connect to common test interface. The 16-port option is deployed as two 8-port devices that communicate over the DUT rather than fixed backplane enabling assembly and cable testing where ends are spatially separated.

Standards Compliant–Adheres to Open Alliance, BroadR-Reach, 802.3bw, 802.3bp and 802.3ch (draft) for the following s-parameter tests:

  • Link segments and components; cables, connectors, and wire harnesses
  • Open Alliance VNA Reference Measurements
  • Equipment connector interfaces (ECU, MDI)
  • Transmitter’s and receiver’s

VNA Manager–The companion VNA Manager is the control software for the MMVNA settings of all S-Parameters, test initiation and saving of test data. Touchstone and comma separated variable (csv) measurement data output format.