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MMVNA - 200

Mixed Mode Multi-Port Vector Network Analyzer

The MMVNA performs mixed-mode S-parameter measurements in single-ended or dual-ended configuration. MMVNA can be used with AEM’s VNA Manager Pro software providing wide range of configurations of testing environment and measurement result display.  MMVNA can also be easily integrated with customers software via TCP/IP socket interface, or by using our commands interface.  This makes MMVNA an ideal tool for manufacturing testing and lab testing of RF components.

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VNA Manager Pro Software

VNA Manager Pro software runs on a PC connected to the MMVNA-200 and provides all configuration, control, data collection, data presentation and storage functions. This user-friendly software is quite versatile in enabling effective use of vast amount of S-parameter measurement data generated by the MMVNA.

– One Click Autotest makes it convenient for production environment.
– Configurable IP Address for MMVNA allows connecting of multiple MMVNA’s to PC for integrated control.
– Command Line Interface support for integrating with Automated Test environment.
– Supports Single Ended & Dual Ended Test Configuration.
– Supports CSV and Touchstone export of Test Results.