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MMVNA - 200

Mixed Mode Multi-Port Vector Network Analyzer

The MMVNA performs mixed-mode S-parameter measurements in single-ended or dual-ended configuration. MMVNA can be used with AEM’s VNA Manager Pro software providing wide range of configurations of testing environment and measurement result display.  MMVNA can also be easily integrated with customers software via TCP/IP socket interface, or by using our commands interface.  This makes MMVNA an ideal tool for manufacturing testing and lab testing of RF components.

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Frequency Range0.1 -3,000 MHz
Frequency Resolution0.01 MHz
Frequency Accuracy± 2 ppm
Test Ports (single ended)4 (differential)/ 4 (single ended)
Test Ports (dual ended)8 (differential)
IF bandwidth100 Hz (range setting = 7)
Test InterfaceSMA (female)
Impedance of Test Port50 Ω (single ended)
100 Ω (differential)
Test Port power output-1.0 dBm
Max DC voltage at Test port (damage level)60 V
Sweep Speed0.3 msec/step (80 db noise floor)
3.4 msec/step (110 db noise floor)
RF Measurement ParametersDifferential-to-single ended return loss (SSD,x+/-,x)
Differential-to-single ended cross-talk (SSD,y+/-,x)
Differential-to-differential return loss (SDD,xx)
Differential-to-differential cross-talk (SDD,yx).
Differential to common mode return loss (TCL) (SCD,xx)
Differential to common mode transmission (TCTL) (SCD,xx)
Differential to common mode cross-talk (SCD,yx)
RF Measurement Parameters – Double EndedDifferential-to-single ended return loss and cross-talk. Differential-to-differential return loss and cross-talk. (near-end and far-end). Differential Insertion loss, differential to common-mode insertion loss
Measurement Floor – Cross-Talk (regular sweep mode)100 dB @ 0.1MHz
105 dB @ 1MHz
105 dB @ 100MHz
95 dB @ 600MHz
85 dB @ 1000MHz
50 dB @ 3000MHz
Measurement Floor- Return Loss (regular sweep mode)60 dB @ 0.1MHz
60 dB @ 1MHz
60 dB @ 100MHz
50 dB @ 600MHz
40 dB @ 1000MHz
15 dB @ 3000MHz
Dynamic Range transmission measurements (regular sweep mode)90 dB @ 0.1MHz
100 dB @ 1MHz
100 dB @ 100MHz
95 dB @ 600MHz
85 dB @ 1000MHz
50 dB @ 3000MHz
Accuracy – Transmission measurements (regular sweep mode) mid dynamic range measurements± 0.2 dB @ 0.1MHz
± 0.1 dB @ 1MHz
± 0.1 dB @ 100MHz
± 0.1 dB @ 600MHz
± 0.3 dB @ 1000MHz
± 0.5 dB @ 3000MHz
Accuracy – Reflection measurements mid dynamic range measurements± 0.4 dB
Directivity40 dB @ 0.1MHz
60 dB @ 1MHz
60 dB @ 100MHz
45 dB @ 600MHz
30 dB @ 1000MHz
25 dB @ 3000MHz
Tracking error0.05 dB (0.1 to 1000MHz)
Source Return Loss50 dB @ 1MHz
40 dB @ 100MHz
20 dB @ 1000 MHz
Insertion Loss Measurement range-dual ended80 dB @ 0.1MHz
80 dB @ 1MHz
70 dB@ 100 MHz
65 dB @ 1000 MHz
40 dB @ 3000 MHz
DC Measurement Parameters – Double EndedEnd-to-end connectivity (wiremap) DC resistance pair-to-pair and wire-to-wire resistance unbalance
DC Resistance Measurement Range0 – 100 Ω (± 0.5 Ω)
DC Resistance measurement resolution0.1 Ω
File Format for S-parameter resultsCSV and Touchstone  (s8p, s16p)
Plotsfrequency domain S-parameter (magnitude)
time-domain impulse response (linear or dB)
time-domain step response (impedance or dB)
phase v/s frequency, real part v/s frequency, imaginary part v/s frequency
ACRF, PSACRF for dual ended tests
power sum measurements of selected combinations of S-parameters
size17.5cm (Depth)  x 16.5cm (Width) x 5.5cm (Height)
File Format for S-parameter resultsCSV and Touchstone  (s8p, s16p)
weight1.0 kg
power supply5V DC adapter
Power consumption8 W
Battery Operation8 hours with full charge and 1 test/min
ConnectivityUSB, 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Operating SystemLinux
Operating Temperature0 °C to 45 °C
Storage Temperature-50 °C to +70 °C
Humidity90 % at 25 °C
Atmospheric pressure70.0 kPa to 106.7 kPa