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Network Service Assistant​

Multifunction Qualification+ Tester

No longer do users have to decide between the purchase of a qualification network tester or a cable certifier, the Network Service Assistant bridges the gap, with a Qualification+ hybrid solution featuring Certi-Lite.

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Live Wiremap

Studies have shown that a large percentage of all cabling faults are related to miswiring. NSA graphically reports the end-to-end wiremap from within the Certi-Lite test screen at the moment the remote terminator is detected without having to run Autotest. After getting instant view of the wiring fault, the technician can find the location of the fault simply by clicking the wiremap picture. And after resolving the issue, NSA’s Live Wiremap reporting helps to verify the fix instantly. In addition to a rapid CAT6A Single-ended Autotest, this is another important productivity improvement feature of NSA.


Unlock Precision Testing with OTDR Adapters

Enhance your testing capabilities with our advanced OTDR test adapters. Designed to seamlessly integrate with both NSA and TestPro systems, these adapters are the perfect solution for accurate and reliable fiber optic testing.

  • Benefits: Seamless Compatibility: Works flawlessly with both NSA and TestPro platforms. 
  • Precision Testing: Achieve accurate and detailed results for your fiber optic networks. 
  • Easy Integration: Quick setup and hasslefree integration into your existing systems.