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Network Service Assistant​

Multifunction Qualification+ Tester

No longer do users have to decide between the purchase of a qualification network tester or a cable certifier, the Network Service Assistant bridges the gap, with a Qualification+ hybrid solution featuring Certi-Lite.

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Switch Detail

Switch detail support for both CDP and LLDP, and gives you immediate detail on the switch you have directly connected to from a given jack location. This provides a quick understanding of proper connectivity and configuration.

  • Switch name, make/model, connected port and VLAN allows the technician to quickly ascertain that the link is connected to the correct switch and/or port, especially useful when troubleshooting connectivity issues such as inability to reach a resource on the network or lack of connection to the internet.
  • Port capabilities indication is useful to understand if connectivity problems you may be troubleshooting are due to an unsupported link speed.
  • Additional information from the Switch Detail test includes IPv4/IPv6/MAC address, device type, auto negotiation status and duplex mode.