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Network Service Assistant​

Multifunction Qualification+ Tester

No longer do users have to decide between the purchase of a qualification network tester or a cable certifier, the Network Service Assistant bridges the gap, with a Qualification+ hybrid solution featuring Certi-Lite.

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Test Results Management


TestDataPro is a PC based test reports management software that comes standard with all models of TestPro and Network Service Assistant. TestDataPro allows users to define projects and categorize test results into logical groupings once uploaded into the database. The database provides the ability to collaborate by viewing in-depth test details from any computer running TestDataPro software, as well as provide .pdf based printed reports. Users can combine multiple Autotests into a single report, such as Copper & Fiber test results, Multi-Gig Ethernet SNR/PoE, and Network Discovery.

Accidentally used the incorrect Certi-Lite Test Limit when the tests were performed? No problem! The Recertification function in TestDataPro allows users to recertify cables which were inadvertently tested to the incorrect limit without having to retest. NOTE: Though the tool is called “Recertification”, the test results performed with Network Service Assistant are NOT certification. If Certification is required, please use TestPro Multifunction Cable Certifier for performing tests. Some common examples of recertification available for Certi-Lite tests run with NSA are shown below, many more are available:

  • Certi-Lite Cat5e or Certi-LIte Cat6 recertification to Certi-Lite Cat6A
  • Certi-Lite Cat6A recertification down to Certi-LIte Cat6 or Certi-Lite Cat5e
  • Certi-Lite Cat6A recertification to Certi-Lite ISO/IEC Class EA


TestDataPro now includes analytics functionality which allows users to take a group of test results and view a graphical report of the selected group of tests and find trends or anomalous results in the various test parameters such as NEXT, IL, RL for copper or optical loss test margins as well as length analysis. The analytics can be filtered as well by Operator, Project, Test Profile for example to drill deeper into the information. Test results which show up in unacceptable range can be examined in detail by simply clicking on the line in question, bringing up all test results in that group and each can be examined in-depth by clicking on Details, allowing the user to scrutinize the information.

Multiple TestDataPro project files can be opened in separate tabs, allowing easier comparison of results between projects and better facilitating copy/paste function when combining test results from multiple projects.

Test results are uploaded into TestDataPro through the following means:

  • Direct USB cable connection from TestPro to PC
  • USB portable drive file transfer from TestPro to PC
  • TestDataPro Cloud upload by tech at remote location then downloaded to PC from the cloud, at main office for example

TestDataPro Cloud

TestDataPro Cloud is a free service that allows users to transfer test results from TestPro and Network Service Assistant to the cloud while on a job site. Users can connect to the network with their tester through a wired or wireless network connection (such as a connection to your cell phone hot spot while on a job site). This allows users to offload test results throughout the project, giving managers visibility into progress being made and facilitates a quick and easy transfer of results off their tester. Once results are in TestDataPro Cloud, users have the online ability to view/print/download individual test results or a single PDF report with all results as well as email the PDF report and/or test files directly from the Cloud.

If more in-depth capability is needed, transferring the results to the more full-featured TestDataPro PC software give the user the capability of:

  • Viewing details like measurement plots & RL/NEXT/Shield TDR traces, this provides a more in-depth look at any test result and can also serve as an invaluable tool should a supervisor back at the shop need to assist a technician in the field with analyzing a test failure.
  • Creating a logical hierarchical view of test results.
  • Many other features such as renaming Label ID/Project Name/Operator Name to correct errors, and more.

NOTE: Wireless connection capability requires Edimax EW-7822ULC USB-WiFi adapter which may be purchased from Amazon or preferred retailer


Unlock Precision Testing with OTDR Adapters

Enhance your testing capabilities with our advanced OTDR test adapters. Designed to seamlessly integrate with both NSA and TestPro systems, these adapters are the perfect solution for accurate and reliable fiber optic testing.

  • Benefits: Seamless Compatibility: Works flawlessly with both NSA and TestPro platforms. 
  • Precision Testing: Achieve accurate and detailed results for your fiber optic networks. 
  • Easy Integration: Quick setup and hasslefree integration into your existing systems.