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TestPro CV100

Multifunction Cable Certifier

The award winning TestPro CV100 Multifunction Cable Certifier is purpose-built for today’s modern Smart Building network infrastructure.  It offers the most feature rich test platform available today, and the modular based platform that allows for customization of the exact test suite needed.  Smart Building Test Kits (K60E & K61E), offer a complete test suite pre-packaged to meet all your testing needs.

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Copper Certification Autotest

TestPro’s certifier Autotest is a one-button operation that performs all tests required for TIA/ISO standards compliance, in addition to other parameters such as TCL (Transverse Conversion Loss). TestPro also provides comprehensive DC measurements including both pair-to-pair and wire-to-wire resistance unbalance tests. The Autotest also reports distance-to-fault plots based on Shield Discontinuity, NEXT and Return Loss time-domain measurements. And all of the tests are performed in 6 seconds for CAT6A channel or permanent link.

Autotest results are saved to memory and can be transferred to the included TestDataPro results management software or TestDataPro Cloud for collaboration, documentation and reporting.

TestPro Autotest Criteria