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TestPro CV100

Multifunction Cable Certifier

The award winning TestPro CV100 Multifunction Cable Certifier is purpose-built for today’s modern Smart Building network infrastructure.  It offers the most feature rich test platform available today, and the modular based platform that allows for customization of the exact test suite needed.  Smart Building Test Kits (K60E & K61E), offer a complete test suite pre-packaged to meet all your testing needs.

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Results Management Software

  • TestDataPro offers both cloud and PC based options, and come standard with all models of TestPro and NSA.
  • TestDataPro PC based
    • Allows you to define projects and categorize test results into logical groupings.
    • Provides multiple reporting formats and options such as a single summary report or full reporting.
    • Allows software based re-certification if original test was done with wrong test standard selected
  • TestDataPro Cloud –
    • Allows immediate offload of test results to database via wired or wireless connection
    • Allows visual of pass/fail results
    • Allows printing of single .pdf reports
TestDataPro Cloud
TestDataPro Cloud
TDP TestPro 2.9.R3
TestDataPro PC Based