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Tech Talk with Steve Cowles, RCDD/NTS​

A Live Video Podcast Series

Join Steve every other Tuesday at 12:00pm Eastern Time, as he dives into topical discussions related to testing copper and fiber optic premises cabling, as well as wired and wireless network connectivity troubleshooting.

Things you’ll learn in these 20-30 min broadcasts.

  • In-depth problem solving with field-testing scenarios
  • Field testing standards updates and requirements
  • Tips and tricks to make your life easier

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Watch the RCDD Masterminds discuss what it's like to go into a jobsite behind another installer for repairs, follow-up, testing, correcting mistakes, etc. Tech Talk host Steve Cowles, RCDD, NTS is pleased to partner up with two special guests, Chuck Bowser III, RCDD, TECH and host of Let's Talk Cabling, and Chuck Wilson, RCDD and President of Wilson Technology Group.
Watch Tech with Talk Steve and special guest Arvind Patel, Engineering Director for AEM - Precision Cable Test as they deep dive into MultiGig SNR Test, SNR vs BERT, how SNR Test relates to alien crosstalk and discuss how including PoE Load Test plays into the SNR.
Watch Tech with Talk Steve as he shares how to configure your tester based on your different testing needs such as...Standard Cable Certification, Certi-Lite, MPTL, Smart Building Certification, Long reach cable testing, Single Pair Ethernet, Custom limits, Tier 1 Fiber Optic Certification, Hybrid Powered Fiber, Ethernet, and SNR/PoE Test.
Watch Tech Talk with Steve as he shares what happened at BICSI Fall Conference, What's New at AEM - Precision Cable Test and what to expect such as a modern user interface, slick touchscreen display, CAT 8.1 ready channel & permanent link adapters, and new Smart Building Kits Include All-you-need for MPTL testing!
Throwback to Ep. 6 while the Tech Talk with Steve crew was away at BICSI Fall Conference. In this episode, Steve Cowles, RCDD/NTS discusses Tier 1 Fiber Optic Loss testing including best practices, potential causes of failed tests and assessing your fiber for future applications.
Watch Tech Talk with Steve Cowles, RCDD/NTS as he shares how to troubleshoot cable test failures, what to do when you get a failure based on the results and how to find the failure on the cable.
Watch Tech Talk host Steve Cowles, RCDD, NTS and special guest Andrew Froehlich, President of West Gate Networks and Founder at InfraMomentum for our last episode of the 3-part series on Data Centers. In this episode, they discussed the misconception that AEM’s line of cable testers are solely built for cable installation professionals. In fact, the test tools are also incredibly useful for network operations staff from a provisioning and troubleshooting perspective.
We continue to celebrate our One Year Anniversary all month and move to the 2nd part of our 3 part series. Join Tech Talk host Steve Cowles, RCDD/NTS and special guest Andrew Froehlich, President of West Gate Networks and Founder at InfraMomentum. In this episode, they discussed multi-gigabit over twisted-pair copper and the proliferation of Power over Ethernet (PoE) operated devices and reviewed some of the potential cable-related pitfalls of these technologies and how to best prepare for them.
Tech Talk with Steve TURNS ONE!!! Watch Tech Talk host Steve Cowles, RCDD/NTS for our One Year Anniversary episode and we're coming back full circle with our very first guest - Andrew Froehlich, President of West Gate Networks and Founder at InfraMomentum. In this episode they will discuss 3 common designs, the type of cabling that’s commonly deployed and what to expect from a cable deployment and testing perspective.
Watch Tech Talk host Steve Cowles, RCDD, NTS and special guests Chuck Bowser III, RCDD, TECH host of Let's Talk Cabling Podcast and Marv Evans, RCDD President at Xactec as they discuss the changes they have seen in the last few decades, challenges in the field and share their thoughts on where they see things moving in the future of cable testing industry.