Network Service Assistant​



Wireless Network Connectivity Testing

网络服务助手的自动发现将显示所有检测到的 SSID 及其关联的 RSSI(接收功率级别)和通道。 This is useful in determining if the WiFi network to which a customer is trying to connect has sufficient signal to a specific location.

  • Determine WiFi “dead zones” by connecting to any SSID using the appropriate credentials and checking the RSSI in various locations using the Signal Strength tool
  • Other extremely useful tools include discovery of connected IP/MAC addresses, ping, traceroute, TCP connect and traffic generation (main)/traffic monitor (remote)
  • Autotest can be run and includes link connection speed, discovered addresses, ping, device details (IP address, DNS, DHCP, Subnet, default Gateway) and WiFi details (SSIDs/Channels/RSSI). Autotest can be saved and uploaded to TestDataPro results management software to provide PDF reports.
  • Note: Edimax WiFi USB adapter EW-7822ULC required for WiFi connectivity. 适配器是特定于区域的,应从亚马逊或首选零售商处购买。