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Customer Testimonial From GCL

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❝ The dual screen and speed of the tester is a massive difference to previous testers we've used, and makes us more efficient when we are doing the testing procedures. The support behind AEM is very good, the engineers don't have to liaise with management within GCL, they can go directly to the support teams, and the response time is very good as well. The quality is very good, and the tester is well made. ❞
Tim Rycroft
Tim Rycroft

AEM TestPro CV100 – Trinity Cabling User Story

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❝ TestPro machine is faster than the competitors, easy to use and then the price is significantly less than the competitors. At the end of the day we spend less money and we are saving money everytime i send it to the field.❞
Sean Ricketts
Sean Ricketts
Vice President of Trinity Cabling Company

2022 Cabling Innovator Award

❝ AEM was awarded the 2022 Cabling Innovators Award for its Test Pro's ability to support installation to implementation. AEM's test Pro allows you to deploy two platforms at once and give them to two different technicians to do things that you want them to do on a given day. One main can also talk to many remotes.❞
Liza Schwartz
AEM Precision Cable Test