Wired and Wireless Network Testing

Wi-Fi Ethernet Connection

TestPro’s auto-discovery will display all detected SSID’s in 2.4 and 5GHz bands and their associated RSSI (received power level). This is useful in determining if the Wi-Fi network to which the user is trying to connect has sufficient signal strength. 

Determine Wi-Fi “dead zones” by checking RSSI values in different locations

Connect to any SSID using the appropriate credentials for that network

Use Ping to verify point-to-point connectivity or out to the Internet by selecting pre-defined or custom website URLs and see latency details.  

Requires Edimax AC1200 Wi-Fi USB Adapter model EW-7822ULC


BASE-T Wired Ethernet Connection Details

Perform Network Discovery to see what’s behind the jack

Display list of IP addresses for connected devices

Select any IP address to view that device details, MAC address, and more

View LAN details such as Gateway, Subnet Mask, DHCP Server

Generate traffic to any desired IP address

Perform Trace Route to see the connection path and intermediate hop delays for bottlenecks

Use Ping to verify point-to-point or Internet connectivity and response time


  • Network Service Assistant – NSA
  • TestPro CV100 Smart Building Test Kits