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In the webinar on Smart Building Technologies, we discussed the trends and technologies that drove the growth of this sector in the ICT industry. We explored the state of the blending of Operational Technology and Information Technology with Smart Building applications, technologies, and cabling systems at that time. The evolution of power and data delivery in Smart Buildings was a focal point, with discussions on data and power delivery technologies such as PoE, single-pair Ethernet, Hybrid Powered Fiber, and Fault Managed Power.
Explore the ICT cabling evolution in our enlightening Webinar. Dive into the synergy of technology and Smart Building Industry development, emphasizing the significance of design and installation following international standards, all in the context of the SPIRE Program Connectivity Assessment. Uncover the essentials of modern connectivity systems, including copper cables and optical fiber, as they seamlessly integrate into the interconnected world of Smart Buildings. Discover the practical applications of advanced technologies like FMP, POL, and PoE Lightning. Conclude with an in-depth review of the SPIRE program, with a sharp focus on the criteria and requirements for connectivity assessments.
Learn what's happening with Single Pair Ethernet technology. Our speakers will cover standards development, use cases, testing and available products. With representatives from the Single Pair Ethernet Consortium (SPEC), the Ethernet Alliance and the Single Pair Ethernet Systems Alliance, attendees will get a global perspective on how this exciting technology is changing building automation.
Buildings need robust network infrastructure to become smart. A smart building network acts as the central nervous system that provides the critical connections between all the devices, sensors, systems, and occupants and allows them to communicate. In this ON-DEMAND webinar, they explore various elements and considerations of the smart building network infrastructure based on the technical assessment criteria developed by members of TIA for the SPIRE Smart Building Assessment and Verification Program by UL. Presented by: Gayla Arrindell, Lisa Schwartz, Anoop Kulkarni, Mike Colburn, Paul Vanderlaan AEM was a Sponsor and Presenter – Lisa Schwartz, Director of Product Marketing &...