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Automotive Wire Harness Testing

Characterizing twisted pair and coax cables and components is becoming more and more critical, as high data rates and reliable communications within the modern automobile increases, particularly with use of artificial intelligence. The need to characterize balanced transmission is finding increasing adoption with the proliferation of AI, safety features, entertainment, occupancy comfort, and hybrid and electric system management.  

AEM’s automotive test solutions include small form factor analyzers used in R&D and Manufacturing environments, as well as ruggedized in-car test solutions, design for manufacturing and service center harness testing.  

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AEM's Automotive Test Solutions

Read about AEM’s Automotive Test Solutions in March’s publication by Automotive Testing Technology International – Page 33



Mixed Mode Multi-Port Vector Network Analyzer

The MMVNA is a compact, customizable, and cost-effective tool for manufacturing or lab testing of components such as raw cable, connectors, patch-cords, or cable harnesses. With numerous test fixtures to suite every application, MMVNA significantly reduces the effort in setting up test environment. Its powerful VNA Manager Pro software provides a wide range of S-parameter selections with unlimited plots, and traceable test reports. You can even configure secondary parameters such as ACR-F, capacitance, inductance, step or impulse response time domain plots, and more!

Cable Harness Tester 1

Cable Harness Tester

The Cable Harness Tester AHT-128 offers 128 test points of connectivity and resistance test. Multiple testers can be cascaded to test up to 1024 points. It is a compact and cost-effective PC controlled tool.   Cable Harness Tester Manager PC software controls the AHT-128 units to perform testing, allows configuration and setting of test limits, and provides test reports.

Connector Test System

AEM offers a number of purpose-built and customized test fixtures that turn your MMVNA or any other VNA into a complete test setup.  Ranging from raw cable testing, Non-destructive connecting hardware test using POGO pins, to automotive harness testing, our test fixtures with calibration kits take variability our from the VNA measurements.

Connector Test System (CTS)