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Cable Certification

The award winning TestPro supports testing and cable certification for network deployments up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet for Cat3, Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 7, 8 or Class I/II cabling system. The electrically centered test plug assures the Level 2G/VI accuracy required to support field testing to Cat 8 / Class I/II, and actually exceeds the 2000 MHz requirement, to offer a 3000 MHz platform. As a result, you can feel confident in results over the full frequency range.  TestPro is Warranty Approved by 20+ cable manufacturers.

TestPro’s 6 Second Cat 6A Autotest includes not only the standard certification test parameters, but also includes optional test parameters such as DC Resistance Unbalance, TCL, ELTCTL, and distance to fault for Resistance, NEXT and shield.  The optional parameters are important when certifying links that will support smart building devices, to assure link performance is adequate for the intended application’s speed, power load, and data transport requirements.   Be aware of competitive tester claims for how fast their test times are, be sure you know what is and is not included in the test time quoted as compared to TestPro. TestPro copper cable certification kits come with Channel and Permanent Link adapters that support certification of CAT3 – CAT8.1.  Smart Building Test Kits (K60E/K61E) also include a CAT6A Patch Cord Adapter to support MPTL testing of Cat6A cabling. 

Not sure of link connection path between port and jack?  TestPro’s Live WireMap™ provides an immediate indication of cable connection the moment the cable is connected.  Not only do you get an immediate indication of connectivity, but you also see a full wiremap including graphical diagram of any cable miswires. TestPro is even able to report switch detail, including slot/port/VLAN, when using the AD-NETCABLE test adapter.

TestPro will store over 10,000 results in memory, but when it’s time to prepare printed reports, the included TestDataPro PC based software provides a way to organize and manage results and provide printed reports. Prefer to upload as you test, TestDataPro Cloud allows you to offload test results via wired or wireless internet connection.

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