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OTDR & Fiber Optic Certification

TestPro’s fiber optic measurements provide Tier-1 (loss and length) and Tier-2 (OTDR, loss, length) certification in compliance with industry standards  for both Multimode and Singlemode Fiber Optic premises cabling.

Tier-1 Certification With dual wavelength Multimode and Singlemode adapters, TestPro provides Optical Length and Loss Testing capability for Dual-Ended Single Direction, Dual-Ended Bi-Directional and Loopback configurations.

For deployments where hybrid powered fiber is being used, TestPro’s fiber optic loss test adapter provides not only certification of the fiber optic cable, but also provides you with the ability to measure the loop resistance of the copper pair of the hybrid powered fiber to ensure its integrity after installation. The adapters will also measure voltage at the end point to ensure voltage is present for powering remote devices/PoE extenders and is a convenience for the technician to have everything needed for testing at their fingertips.

The Multimode loss test adapters support testing of OM5 fiber in addition to earlier generation fiber standards. An Encircled Flux (EF) compliant Multimode source means no need for bulky external adapters.

Network Service Assistant (NSA) provides Loopback Optical Loss testing for both Singlemode and Multimode premises cabling using the same industry standards/limits or custom limits.

TestPro Fiber Optic Certification

Encircled Flux Compliant Legacy fiber testers require bulky, fragile, specialized launch cables for multimode tests. This is because they need a fiber mandrel built-in to the cable. And even at that additional expense, can claim only 95% confidence in their own results. 1 in 20 results may be inaccurate! The Multimode Fiber Optic test adapters for TestPro and NSA have an advanced encircled flux compliant transmitter, which does away with the need for expensive, specialized launch cables, and gives you confidence 100% of your fiber loss measurements will be accurate.

Supports All Types of Fiber OM1-OM5 Multimode, Singlemode, even hybrid powered fiber optic cabling is fully supported by TestPro and NSA.

Dual-Ended Testing In just 4 seconds, TestPro can run a complete dual-ended Tier 1 fiber certification test, measuring loss on two fibers, length, and propagation delay.  NSA’s loopback optical loss test also takes only 4 seconds.

VFL TestPro includes and integrated Visual Fault Locator, so you can find breaks in a fiber, stressed bends, and identify the active fiber from a group of fibers.

Interchangeable connectors TestPro supports FC, LC, ST, and SC fiber connections.

Hybrid Copper/Fiber Testing Unique to TestPro is the ability to measure the resistance or voltage on integrated copper wires used to power remote smart devices like cameras or remote PoE extenders for example. The NSA with a fiber test adapter has the ability to measure voltage on the copper wires in hybrid powered fiber. In the case of both the TestPro and NSA, these electrical measurements are included in the Autotest and become part of the saved test results.

Visual End-Face Inspection TestPro and NSA both allow for the connection of an end-face inspection probe via the USB port to give you a clear view of the fiber end face.

Live Wiremap Only the TestPro automatically detects the connection of its own remote and displays both fiber and copper wiremap without any operator actions. The NSA also features the same Live Wiremap function when the loopback connection is completed, wiremap is instantly displayed.

Compliant Networks Indication Another unique capability of the TestPro and NSA is they both provide a full list of fiber networks that can be supported by the fibers just tested.

Tier-2 Certification With the addition of AEM’s Multimode and Singlemode OTDR test adapters, which connect to the TestPro platform just like any other test adapter, users gain additional troubleshooting functionality along with Tier-2 certification capability comprising loss, length, and OTDR measurements. The OTDR gives technicians in the field the ability to easily pinpoint the location of broken fiber or other loss events causing an optical loss test to fail. OTDR test adapters are supported by both the TestPro and Network Service Assistant test platforms.

Dual wavelength OTDR adapters are available for both Multimode and Singlemode cables.  With pulse widths ranging from 5nsec to 25usec, the versatile OTDR can cover a wide range of fiber lengths.  The test results from both loss/length test and the OTDR test are saved in the tester and can be later managed from TestDataPro PC software, or the TestDataPro Cloud software.


Unlock Precision Testing with OTDR Adapters

Enhance your testing capabilities with our advanced OTDR test adapters. Designed to seamlessly integrate with both NSA and TestPro systems, these adapters are the perfect solution for accurate and reliable fiber optic testing.

  • Benefits: Seamless Compatibility: Works flawlessly with both NSA and TestPro platforms. 
  • Precision Testing: Achieve accurate and detailed results for your fiber optic networks. 
  • Easy Integration: Quick setup and hasslefree integration into your existing systems.