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AEM test solutions are available through the distribution partners and manufacturer sales representatives listed.  If there is no distribution or manufacturer sales representative in your region, we can assist you with a quote by contacting us directly at

Sales Channel

United States Distribution AEM Product/s Location URL
Accu-Tech TestPro, NSA National
Anixter TestPro, NSA National
Cable & Connections Inc. TestPro, NSA South Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia, Florida
Graybar - AEM Approved Vendor Status TestPro, NSA National
PHY-SI LLC/MC Communications TestPro, NSA, MMVNA, TestPro Automotive National
Toyo Tech TestPro Automotive, MMVNA National
The Cable Source TestPro, NSA El Paso Texas
WESCO/CSC TestPro, NSA National
United States and Canada Manufacturer Reps AEM Product/s Location URL
Advanced Network Devices Inc. TestPro, NSA Canada
Core Logics TestPro, NSA TN, MS, AL, GA
MBH Representatives TestPro, NSA Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana
NPI Connect TestPro, NSA NC, SC
Osborn Sales Solutions TestPro, NSA Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, El Paso, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming
ProLAN Solutions TestPro, NSA Florida
Saunders Canada TestPro, NSA Canada
Smart Building Solutions TestPro, NSA PA, WV, NY, NJ, MD, VA, OH, KY, IN, and MI
Base Eight MNVNA, Cable Harness Tester, TP Automotive MN, ND, SD, IA, Northwest WI, IL, Southeast WI, IN, OH, MI, KY, MO, KS, NE
Latin America Distribution AEM Product/s Location URL
Rentametric TestPro, NSA Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Caribbean, and more…
Europe/Middle East/Africa Distribution AEM Product/s Location URL
ADC Distribution TestPro, NSA Spain, Portugal
Amotech Africa TestPro, NSA Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi
Best Invest TestPro, NSA Romania
Bluecom TestPro, NSA Czech Republic
Cable Analytics TestPro, NSA United Kingdom, Ireland
Cebeo TestPro, NSA Belgium
DHS Tools TestPro, NSA Germany
EGAL, d.o.o. TestPro, NSA, MMVNA, Harness Tester Slovenia, Balkan, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Slovak Republic
Equicom ICT Méréstechnika TestPro, NSA Hungary
Eurocables TestPro, NSA Northern Ireland
Fiberworks AS TestPro, NSA Norway
Future and Optical Systems (FOS) TestPro, NSA Austria
Heynen TestPro, NSA Benelux
Interlab TestPro, NSA Poland
Karitek TestPro, NSA UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania
Lambda Test TestPro, NSA South Africa
LinkAT - Link Advanced Technologies TestPro, NSA Ukraine
Mayflex TestPro, NSA United Kingdom
Mayflex MEA TestPro, NSA UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia
Micom Electronics d.o.o. TestPro, NSA Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria
Motabaqah Trading Company (MTC) TestPro, NSA UAE, Saudi Arabia
Oasis Distribution TestPro, NSA Egypt
Peaks Engineering TestPro, NSA Saudi Arabia
Premium-Line KSI GmbH TestPro, NSA Austria, Ukraine, Africa
Qnetworks TestPro, NSA Sweden
Qubix TestPro, NSA, MMVNA Italy
RentalTec TestPro, NSA Germany, Belgium, France
VTSOnline TestPro Automotive, MMNVA United Kingdom
Wavetel TestPro, NSA France
Asia/Australia/India Distribution AEM Product/s Location URL
AEP Japan K.K. TestPro, NSA Japan
DCL Engineering Pte Ltd TestPro, NSA Sri Lanka
Device Electronics Vietnam Co. Ltd TestPro, NSA Vietnam
Guangdong VCOM Education Technology Co., LTD TestPro, NSA China
Huezone Solutions Pte Ltd TestPro, NSA, MMVNA India
Masstron TestPro, NSA, MMVNA Singapore
Nine Distribution Company Limited TestPro, NSA Thailand
PT Konexindo Unitama TestPro, NSA Indonesia
Rimba TestPro, NSA Malaysia
SecNet Pty Ltd TestPro, NSA Australia
Shenzhen Weixin instrument Co., Ltd TestPro, NSA China
TelecomTest Solutions TestPro, NSA Australia, New Zealand
Toyo MMVNA Japan
TRITON Limited TestPro, NSA Bangladesh
Wise Force Ltd. TestPro, NSA Taiwan
YFC-BonEagle International Inc. TestPro, NSA Philippines

If you are interested in becoming a partner or have a question about our test solutions, please feel free to reach out to us at, or directly.

Australia/Southern Asia
Harshang Pandya –

Asia – China, Hong Kong & Taiwan, Japan, S. Korea
Lo Wee Tick, Sr. Sales Manager –

Western Europe
Alf Sutherland, Technical Sales Manager –

Eastern Europe/Middle East/South Africa/Eurasia/India
Werner Heeren, Sr. Director –

Americas – Canada, USA, Latin America
James Florio, Director –