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Power Over Ethernet Validation

Both TestPro and Network Service Assistant (NSA) provide comprehensive test functionality for verifying Power Over Ethernet deployments. All PoE standards including 802.3af/at/bt are supported up to 90W.  Simply unplug the RJ-45 connector from the back of your Powered Device (PD), and plug that cable into TestPro or NSA, then select the 802.3 standard that particular device requires for power load.  This allows the tester to emulate your PD to see the network and negotiate with the Power Source Equipment (PSE) the same way. 

In addition to operational tests on PoE, TestPro and NSA can characterize the cabling links for resistance unbalance parameters in accordance with ANSI/TIA 1152-A test standard.

Power Over Ethernet Testing Overview

  • PSE detection
  • Voltage: Voltage drawn by the PD
  • PSE Type: 1-2, 2, 3-4, and 4 –different types have different allocated power
  • PD Class: 0-8 –different classes have different power requirements
  • PoE Cable Pairs: Cable pairs used to transmit electrical power
  • Allocated Power: Power allocated for the PD
  • Real Power: Actual power level available when under load
  • Internal and External Load Tests:
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Real Power: Actual power available at the end point when power is demanded by TestPro/NSA using internal or external load, useful in determining if adequate power is available for PoE device.
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