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Multi-Gigabit Qualification

Datacenter cabling speeds can reach 10Gbps. In many cases, recent Ethernet standards were completed after the cabling was originally installed. How do you know if your existing cabling can support the future?

Multi-Gigabit Qualification

Delivering up to 2.5 or 5 Gbps over the 1.3+ billion installed base of Cat5e and Cat6 cabling systems, or 10 Gbps over more recently installed Cat6A, Multi-Gig solutions enable users to transform their networks in the most cost-effective, least disruptive manner.

TestPro’s Multi-Gig Autotest reports the maximum achievable sustained speed on the cabling link across all speeds dynamically. Through simple pass/fail indication, TestPro provides information on which Ethernet speeds the cable can or cannot support. For advanced users, TestPro allows customizing SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) margin requirements. Additionally, TestPro enables characterizing link performance under PoE load by supporting SNR measurements with PoE loading.

Value of Multi-Gig Qualification Technology

  • SNR test is a real-world test which gives the user clear indication of the impact of noise on the cabling system
  • Confirms if an installed cable will work reliably with 2.5/5G/10G Ethernet and PoE with an SNR test
  • Confirms that a cabling end-point is getting intended Ethernet speed and PoE power
  • Multi-Gig SNR test with PoE Load test takes less than a minute, compared to a BERT which would take hours to provide this level of meaningful information.
  • Helps trouble-shoot PoE links
  • A tool that can support you from cable installation through deployment, active equipment verification and on-going maintenance.