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Manufacturing and Process Control

For years, benchtop vector analyzers have been used in lab and production applications. Such tools are typically very expensive, difficult to use, and unsuited for rapid repetitive measurements, especially on the factory floor. AEM’s MMVNA takes advantage of advances in technology and miniaturization to provide a small footprint, easy to use, highly accurate measurement system for a fraction of the price of benchtop testers.

Tools for Manufacturing Operations

Automotive and industrial networks are increasingly becoming bandwidth intensive with the advent of machine intelligence and sophisticated sensors.

Cable Spool V2

The cables carrying this high speed and critical information, such as Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) cabling systems must meet stringent norms for noise immunity and data carrying capacity. These high speed cables and components must be tested for their RF performance.

The RF measurement systems made for laboratory characterization are prohibitively expensive and difficult to adapt to manufacturing environment. AEM developed MMVNA, a vector network analyzer tailor made to test large port-count, differential transmission lines, to meet the requirement of manufacturing test of high speed cabling systems. MMVNA features fast measurements against testing requirements specified in IEEE 802.3 standards and OPEN alliance test specifications, with flexibility in deployment. MMVNA is also suitable for other RF component testing requirements.

Learn how to become more proficient in making these measurements with cost effective solutions that allow factory-floor personnel to perform automated, accurate measurements and report results in a fraction of the time required by older, more complex, bench-top style equipment.


  • Mixed Mode Multi-Port Vector Network Analyzer – MMVNA-200


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