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Efficient & Accurate High Speed Link Performance Testing for 100GBASE-SR4 Cabling.

WideOptix 6936

WideOptix-SR4 Overview

The WideOptix-SR4 measurement system can be viewed as a sophisticated and purpose-built combination of a signal generator and oscilloscope for extremely high-speed signals ranging in 25GHz frequencies.

The main purpose of the WideOptix-SR4 is to characterize the bandwidth performance of an optical fiber cable under test. This characterization is done by observing the change in waveform shape after the signal propagates through the device-under-test (fiber). A quantitative measure of the change of waveform shape is derived by analyzing an eye-diagram, a term to describe distorted square wave while traversing through the DUT and attaining a shape resembling an eye.

At such high frequencies, it will be impractical to sample (i.e. observe) a signal waveform with high resolution. To circumvent this problem, test equipment ensures that the incident waveform (e.g. from a signal generator) is already ‘known’ to the receiver. A sampling oscilloscope, a typical equipment used for this purpose, works by ‘locking’ itself to the edge of the waveform from signal generator, and then performing sampling at incremental phase changes across many waveforms.

A special and separate ‘lock’ signal is connected from the signal generator to the sampling oscilloscope. AEM’s WideOptix-SR4 employs a more elegant scheme to make transmit signal ‘known’ to the receiver. It is done by clocking the transmitter and the receiver by the same clock source.

AEM’s WideOptix-SR4 system eliminates the need for two separate pieces of equipment (signal generator and sampling oscilloscope), and combines this functionality in a single platform. The main advantage of this approach is that the receiving circuit is ‘intimately familiar’ with transmit signal (excitation signal), enabling famto-second resolution on the eye-diagram display.

WideOptix-SR4 consists of the main test unit and the included WideOptix Manager, PC based software.

WideOptix Manager Software

  • Control and manage the WideOptix test platform
  • Capturing eye-diagram test data from all 8 channels of the MPO cable
  • Presenting eye-diagram metrics including automated measure of eye quality in dB
  • Define custom pass/fail limits or use pre-configured limits
  • Define MPO polarity (type A, B or C)
  • Initiate testing
  • Providing per-channel pass/fail results
  • Test report management

Go to the Documents below to download the brochure for more detailed information.



  • Includes the WideOptix-SR4 main test unit
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter suitable for 230V or 120V mains connection
  • Single-user license to WideOptix Manager PC software





Two Test Connector12 channel MPO connector with 8-active channels GUI and control from a computer attached with USB cable
Sampling Resolution40 fsec
ADC resolution14 bits
Jitter induced temporal error+- 100 fsec
Points in a captured 25 Gbps waveformapprox. 1000
Time to complete 8-channel MPO measurement150 seconds
Power consumption of main test unit30 W