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Tech Talk With Steve: Global

Join Tech Talk with Steve and our Global Team for our Educational Video Podcast! Dive into discussions on testing copper & fiber optic networks, troubleshooting wired & wireless network connectivity, global field-testing standards, updates etc. Special guests, including Industry Experts, RCDDs, Customers, and more. Some episodes will offer BICSI CEC Credit(s).

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Watch Tech Talk host, Steve Cowles RCDD/NTS talk about Fiber Technology. With the proliferation of fiber optic cabling in the enterprise infrastructure, more installers and technicians are offering fiber optic as part of their services. It is important that those getting into fiber develop an understanding of how fiber works, as well as how to troubleshoot, test and certify fiber after installation. In this one-hour session, we'll delve into: ✨ Understanding how fiber works and its types (Multimode & Singlemode) 📏 Applicable standards for testing and certification 🔧 Troubleshooting techniques and best practices 🔬 Exploring Tier-1 and Tier-2 testing, including...
Watch Tech Talk with host, Steve Cowles RCDD/NTS and special guest Lisa Schwartz, Director of Product Marketing for AEM - Precision Cable Test. This session is dedicated to a deep dive overview on the testing capabilities of TestPro and Network Service Assistant and reviewing both similarities and differences between the two. Steve and Lisa will also share all of the different types of test adapters that are available to expand your testing capabilities. They will also discuss the many ways TestPro platforms can be deployed. From installation to implementation, discover how our testing capabilities can revolutionize your workflow. This session...
Watch Tech Talk host Steve Cowles, RCDD/NTS, and special guest Arvind Patel, Engineering Director for AEM – Precision Cable Test as they deep dive into MultiGig SNR Test, compare SNR vs BERT, understand how SNR Test relates to alien crosstalk and discuss how including PoE Load Test plays into the SNR.
Kickstart Your New Year's Resolution: Make More Money by watching TTWS - Global host, Steve Cowles RCDD/NTS and AEM's Lisa Schwartz, Dir of Product Marketing as they share unique capabilities to support testing needs that span Installation to Implementation using hot swappable test adapters. In addition to going beyond just certifying the cable...AEM’s award-winning test solutions are built with the expanded requirements of the modern Smart Building in mind. Expand your service offering to include post-install validation of link speed and power load with printed reports, you can even verify switch connectivity and wireless access point details.
Watch Steve Cowles, RCDD/NTS, the host of Tech Talk with Steve Global, as he guides you through the process of managing test results using TestDataPro. Discover the simplicity of organizing your test results for presentation to your end customer or submission for warranty approval by manufacturers. Uncover the time and cost-saving benefits of TestDataPro's software-based recertification capabilities, especially when realizing that the test equipment wasn't configured correctly at the end of the job. Additionally, explore the new Analytics reports in TestDataPro to gain valuable insights into your projects. Don't miss out on optimizing your testing process!
Discover the true essence of "Multifunction" within the realm of cable testers with Tech Talk with Steve Global. Join Steve Cowles, RCDD, NTS, and special guest Lisa Schwartz, Dir. of Business Development & Product Marketing for AEM - Precision Cable Test as they discuss the advantages of our cutting-edge Multifunction Testers. Learn how these advanced testers not only optimize your time but also significantly save you money. Gain insights into how the TestPro Main and Remote, which are used together for certification, can be deployed independently to create a force multiplier for testing/troubleshooting PoE, MultiGig Ethernet, Network Connectivity, and more....
Watch Tech Talk with Steve - Global and special guest Todd Harpel, RCDD, Sr. Director of Product Management for Copper Cables at Leviton Network Solutions as they dive deep into the essentials of testing and troubleshooting. They will also discuss how validating link speed, PoE load, and network performance has become a critical step beyond traditional cable certification.
Watch Tech Talk with Steve - Global to learn the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 Fiber Optic Certification. Host Steve Cowles, RCDD, NTS and Chuck Wilson, President of Wilson Technology Group, Inc. will discuss and show a live demonstration on Tier-1 (loss & length) and Tier-2 (OTDR, loss, length) certification for both Multimode and Singlemode Fiber Optic premises cabling.
Watch the inaugural TTWS - Global hosted by Steve Cowles RCDD/NTS, and the Global Team as they explore vital requirements for supporting smart building technologies in modern network infrastructures. Learn about comprehensive copper and fiber certification, testing methodologies for powering technologies, required link speeds, and network connectivity for wired and wireless infrastructures.
Watch Tech Talk with Steve as he discusses DC and AC discontinuities that compromise shield integrity and reliable methods of confirming shield continuity in the field using AEM's TestPro or NSA testers.