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Precision Cable Test

Innovative cabling and component test solutions designed for Laboratory, Manufacturing, and Field Use applications.

TestPro CV100

Get more done and expand your service offering, with testing capability that spans installation to implementation.

Network Service Assistant​

Bridging the divide between qualification and certification with a Qualification+ hybrid solution featuring Certi-Lite.


The Mixed Mode Multi-Port Vector Network Analyzer (MMVNA) performs comprehensive RF analysis through mixed-mode S-parameter testing in single-ended or dual-ended configurations.

TestPro Automotive

TestPro Automotive allows you to test the automotive wire harness while installed in the vehicle.

Cable Harness Tester​

The Cable Harness Tester offers 128 test points of test, that are expandable and programmable up to 1024 points, enabling time savings and productivity boost.

Explore The World of ICT!

Join Tech Talk with Steve and our Global Team for our Educational Video Podcast! Dive into discussions on testing copper & fiber optic networks, troubleshooting wired & wireless network connectivity, global field-testing standards, updates etc. Special guests, including Industry Experts, RCDDs, Customers, and more.

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Tech Talk with Steve Cowles, RCDD/NTS

A Live Video Podcast Series

Join Steve every other Tuesday at 12:00pm Eastern Time, as he dives into topical discussions related to testing copper and fiber optic premises cabling, as well as wired and wireless network connectivity troubleshooting.

AEM Precision Cable Test - Tech Talk with Steve Cowles


Here you will find the list of our upcoming trade shows and seminars.


Get “straight-through” to the solution of today’s cabling challenges with articles written by experts in cable testing and standards.


Unlock Precision Testing with OTDR Adapters

Enhance your testing capabilities with our advanced OTDR test adapters. Designed to seamlessly integrate with both NSA and TestPro systems, these adapters are the perfect solution for accurate and reliable fiber optic testing.

  • Benefits: Seamless Compatibility: Works flawlessly with both NSA and TestPro platforms. 
  • Precision Testing: Achieve accurate and detailed results for your fiber optic networks. 
  • Easy Integration: Quick setup and hasslefree integration into your existing systems.

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