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Digital Infrastructure Build Out

Legacy tools are unable to fully test and characterize today’s digital infrastructure. It’s time to go beyond cable certification and verify Power over Ethernet, qualify Multi-Gig Ethernet links and ensure your cabling can support today’s broad array of attached devices

Enterprises are fast embracing the digital network infrastructure in an effort to recognize cost savings in utilities, greater efficiency, a greener footprint and convergence of wired/wireless networks. Networks are exploding with smart devices and systems which ultimately rely on the physical infrastructure. Even traditional cable testing has evolved. Copper includes new measurements like Transverse Conversion Loss (TCL), and is tested up to Category 8. Fiber optic cabling is now bundled with copper wires to power remote cameras and other IoT devices, so now it’s important to measure voltage AND characterize fiber loss simultaneously. Networks devices are hungry for PoE, and links speeds have jumped to 10 Gbps.

To meet these changing needs, AEM designed the TestPro CV100, a purpose-built rugged field tester designed to quickly and easily ensure your digital infrastructure is fully qualified to support the deployment of IoT connected devices including Wi-Fi access points, cameras, sensor, HVAC systems, point-of-sale devices, digital lighting, computer workstations and a plethora of other devices.

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