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Digital Infrastructure Build Out

Enterprises are fast embracing the digital network infrastructure in an effort to recognize cost savings in utilities, greater efficiency, a greener footprint and convergence of wired/wireless networks. Networks are exploding with smart devices and systems which ultimately rely on the physical infrastructure. Cabling contractors need tools that can quickly and accurately certify that installed cabling meets standards, building owner, and future-network requirements. Network managers need to ensure that their cabling infrastructure is ready for network upgrades to multi-gig rates and PoE powering of increasing numbers of devices. You may not need PoE, Multi-gig Ethernet, and network test functions today, but you probably will tomorrow, so an upgradeable test tool is your smartest investment.

Network Maintenance

Networks are changing at an accelerated rate. Moves, adds, and changes have become routine. Network speed upgrades, new IoT devices, integrated smart systems, and new applications are deployed on a regular basis. If you are a Network Manager or System Integrator responsible for network health, your needs extend well beyond traditional cable certification. You need to check active equipment, ensure links deliver error-free Ethernet data up to 10 Gbps, test both links and devices for PoE delivery and monitor changes to your network. And when problems do arise, you need tools capable of quickly pinpointing root cause.

Smart Building
Manufacturing Test

Manufacturing and Process Control

Automotive and industrial networks are increasingly becoming bandwidth intensive with the advent of machine intelligence and sophisticated sensors. These high speed cables and components must be tested for their RF performance. Learn how to become more proficient in making these measurements with cost effective solutions that allow factory-floor personnel to perform automated, accurate measurements and report results in a fraction of the time required by older, more complex, bench-top style equipment.

Laboratory and Design

AEM has solutions that replace benchtop vector analyzers in laboratory and design applications. AEM’s MMVNA takes advantage of advances in technology and miniaturization to provide a small footprint, easy to use, multi-channel, highly accurate measurement system for a fraction of the price of legacy benchtop testers.

MMVNA 200 with PC